Dress Code

  • 6th – 8th Grade Dress Code

    The following items should be considered when selecting clothing choices for school.  This is NOT the complete guidelines and requirements for the HCMS dress code.

          Excessively tight or form fitting clothes not permitted.

          Excessively loose or baggy clothes not permitted.

          Garments that are sheer are not permitted regardless of tights, leggings or jeggings or other undergarment apparel.

          Dresses (including “high-low” dresses), shorts, skirts, must reach student knees (Bermuda length) regardless of tights, leggings, jeggings or other apparel worn under clothing.

          No splits, slits, cuts or holes above the knee on jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses.

          Shower shoes or foam flip-flops not permitted.  Sandals must have leather soles.

          Shirts must have sleeves (male and female).  T-shirts (undergarment) and tank tops not permitted.