american flag
  • The color guard is comprised of 10 – 5th grade students who serve as a unit to present and retrieve (raise and lower) our country and state’s colors (flags) on a daily basis. To be on the color guard is an honor and a duty that is taken seriously. The requirements to be considered to serve on the color guard are:

    · Students must be in fifth grade and submit an essay on why they would be considered a good candidate to serve on the color guard.

    · Students must be known for their good character by other students, staff and parents.

    · Students must be respectful to self, others and country.

    · Students must be responsible for the completion of tasks without supervision.

    · Students must do the best they can within their ability.

    · Students must be punctual, disciplined and in good academic standing.

    · Students must take pride in their country and state.

    · Students must strive to do their best with their studies at school and at home.