• Tech Tidbits is a compilation of digital resources for parents and guardians to get a better understanding of how to keep their child safe through technology use and online.  As technology and trends are so often changing, it can be hard to keep up with how your student is using technology.  Posted resources on this page should help to address some of those concerns.

    Common Sense Media  - Common Sense Media is a great website that gives parents some great information on how to handle and prepare for student Internet and technology use.

    Cyberbullying Toolkit - Information, tools, and guides for parents, teachers, and students.

    Explaining Social Media Terminalogy - What kind of lingo are your students using in communication?  What does it mean?

    Rules for Smart Cellphone Use - What should you be aware of before handing your child your cellphone?

    Everyday Media Resolutions - Positive media content that both you and your children can view together!

    How to Make YouTube Safer - Suggestions on how to hide some of the non-child-friendly content on YouTube.

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