• Our school military contact is our school counselor, Mrs. Michelle Gagnon.  If you have any questions or concerns, she can be reached at michelle.gagnon@onslow.k12.nc.us or at (910) 324-4414 ext. 29010.  

    Did you know....

    Trexler Middle School has a transition program for military students enrolling and unenrolling in our school! When a student is enrolled, they will be greeted by another military student of their grade level to show them to their classes and be their point of contact for any questions they may have! When we know a student is leaving our school, they will meet with their counselors if they would like, to discuss their new transition. And to see if they or the family need any further resources.

    Military students have access to free online tutoring through tutor.com. The students can access the tutoring 24/7 - even during the school day. Tutor.com connects the student with a live tutor who can help with a homework problem or teach the concept from the beginning. Students can also upload essays and get feedback. This is a nice resource to have and many of our military families could benefit.

Tutoring Resource for Military Families

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