• Good morning JCMS this is Mrs. Laurence with the weekend call.

    JCMS Yearbooks were distributed to students that purchased them yesterday. There are a few extras that will be sold for $30.00 a piece on a first come, first served basis. Students can bring a $30 check to Ms. Allen (Room 213). Make the checkout to STRAWBRIDGE.

    Because of current indoor event restrictions, our band concert on Thursday May 20th will have separate times for each band, as well as those coming to see the concert.  For example, if you are coming to see the 7th grade band perform, then your arrival time as an audience member will be different that those coming to see the 6th grade band.  All band students have been given an important paper for parents that has all important concert information on it including arrival times, performance times and other important details.  Students will be issued concert tickets that must be presented by audience members to get into the gym for the event, and the tickets are only for the band that the student is in.  Audiences must clear the gym after each performance for the next group to present tickets and enter.  Please read the information sent home, and contact Mr. Day with any questions.

    Seventh Grade Awards will be presented on Friday, May 21st to just students. These will be recorded, and videos will be posted on our school website. Sixth Grade Awards will be held with just students on the afternoon of Monday, May 24th. These will be videoed and placed on our school website.

    8th Graders are leaving us and since they had such a rough 3 years of middle school with Hurricane Florence and 2 years of Covid, we are having a reduced capacity 8th grade Awards and Middle School Completion Ceremony in our gym. Due to capacity concerns, we will only allow two people per student. These will be held by teacher team at 5:30 pm, on May 25, 26, 27 of the last week of school.

    The NC End of Grade Tests will be administered Tuesday May 25th beginning with Math and Math 1 EOC. Tuesday May 26th will be ELA, and Thursday May 27th will be Science for 8th grade only. Make up tests will be done Friday May 28th, the last day of school

    Test days are a little different than normal school days.

    This year students will be released at 12 PM on testing days!

    • Students do not need their cell phones or Apple Watches on test days. Students that do bring a phone to school will put it in a plastic bag and turn it into their teacher. These will be locked in the office until the testing is over. If they go off a test misadministration will be declared, and all students will have to retake the assessment. Disciplinary actions will be taken.
    • Students needn't bring blankets or pillows to school on test days. These will be confiscated if brought on campus. If students are warm or cool on a test day, they may want to wear layers.
    • Students will be testing on their laptops which are already in classrooms. They only need to bring their pencil. Bookbags and water bottles can stay home.

    Get a free physical on May 28th so you are ready to participate in sports for the 21-22 school year. This is open to all students interested in athletics next school year. Football, Cheerleading, and Girls Softball tryouts will begin in August 2021. Sports physicals are good for a year, so a physical administered in May will cover athletes for all sports during the 21-22 school year.

     We hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to seeing all our student Monday for the last 2 weeks of school.

    Go knights