• Northside's Ticket to Play

  • This is a new process we have implemented for our Athletic Department to submit all required paperwork ELECTRONICALLY to the Athletic Department prior to tryouts and to participate in workouts.

    All Northside High School students interested in participating on any sport team must complete the “Ticket to Play” process prior to participating in ANY team activity (preseason or tryouts). Multi-sport athletes will need to get a “Ticket” for each sport they plan to participate in.

    This process is in place for students to submit all required paperwork to the Athletic Department. Students will receive a “Ticket” once all required paperwork has been submitted. The “Ticket to Play” process will also include the Athletic Department staff performing an academic eligibility check for the impending season. Those students who are not eligible will not receive a “Ticket” and will not be able to participate in ANY NHS Athletic activities.

    The required NCHSAA pre-participation and physical form can be found by clicking on “Athletics Home” and then “Athletic Forms & Info” on Northside's webpage. Be sure to access the physical form from the website to ensure you have the most up to date information.

    To initiate the “Ticket to Play” process, please click on the button below to take you to ArbiterAthlete. This process can ONLY be done online (we have done away with the hard copy packets).  If you need assistance please use the "How To" guides to help you through the process.  

    After the “Ticket” has been issued, the student should give the “Ticket” to the head coach of the sport they wish to participate in. This will inform the coach that the student has turned in ALL required paperwork and is eligible to participate in ANY team activity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Northside High School Athletic Director, Jeff Cobb at .

     NHS is an ONLINE ONLY REGISTRATION SCHOOL. We DO NOT accept paper registration.

    Please understand that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature and by typing your name, you are electronically signing this document.

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