Inclement Weather? - What to Know

  • During inclement weather it sometimes becomes necessary for a decision to be made concerning the delaying or closing of schools. When a decision is made that schools will either be delayed or closed for the day, the announcement must be relayed quickly to all students and parents. OCS is a county school system, so a decision to delay or close schools most likely will affect all schools throughout the district.

    In order to accomplish this task efficiently and with maximum coverage, when the possibility of inclement weather is in the forecast, school officials ask all students, parents and staff to remember the following:

    • Make sure your child's school has your most up-to-date contact information including home phone, cell phone and email address! Please let your child's school data manager know if any contact information changes during the school year.

    • A phone call making the announcement of a closing or delay will be sent as soon as any decision is made. To ensure phone calls get through to the correct recipients, parents should make sure their child's school has the correct phone number on file.

    • Monitor the Onslow County Schools district website - - information will be updated here as conditions warrant. Information will also be posted on the district's social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will be the best way to find information in a timely manner after the initial announcement.

    • Tune in to one of the local radio or TV stations in our area. As soon as the automated call goes out, delay and closure information is shared with media outlets which serve the Onslow County area.

    • Notice of make-up days for students or staff will be announced as soon as they are determined.

    • The absence of any announcement means that schools will open as usual!

    Over 14,500 of the nearly 26,500 students in the Onslow County School System travel to and from school by bus. Many times road conditions on our much-traveled primary roads are quite different from those on our less frequently traveled secondary roads. When making a decision on opening, closing or delaying of schools, the safety and welfare of all students is our primary concern.

    Thank you for partnering with us to keep our students and community safe!