Hunter Staup- Head Coach


    Michael Dougherty- Assistant Coach


    Thank you all for coming out for soccer this year. If you do not make it, do not give up on soccer if it is something you love! If you did make the team, we will have practice everyday we have school next week. We will also have a parent meeting on Wednesday night at 5:15 in the gym. 


    Congrats to the following boys for making the 2020 boys soccer team. Please email me if you have any questions. GO ON A RUN MONDAY 


    1. Bobby Allen

    2. Michael Beagle

    3. Chris Carey

    4. Keegan Church

    5. Daniel Contreras

    6. Noah Dibble

    7. Gavin Figueroa

    8. JoJo Garcia

    9. Santino Hardie

    10. Andres Ibanez

    11. Cephas Jones

    12. Josh Olan

    13. Aaron Ortega

    14. Ryan Person

    15. Marcos Ramirez

    16. Saul Ramos

    17. Brady Rice

    18. Kaiden Smith