• Mission Statement

    To provide academic, personal-social, and career guidance, and to advocate for every student, every day.

    Vision Statement

    Every student at Onslow County Learning Center is inspired and prepared for success in college or a career, and life.

The Onslow County Learning Center Counseling Program provides wrap-around school counseling services for all students in the areas of personal and social awareness, career development, and academic excellence. We work with every student to provide equal access to post-secondary options and ensure all students can obtain success before, during, and after high school.

  • Services we provide: 

    • Individual academic and career counseling
    • Group instruction
    • Student, parent, and teacher consultation
    • ESOL Support
    • Responsive services for crisis intervention
    • Behavior modification services
    • SAT/ACT registration and resources
    • Information about graduation and grade promotion
    • Referrals to outside resources for families and students