Hunter Staup
    Head Coach

    Assistant Coach


    The 2019-2020 girls basketball season will begin on December 16th. Tryouts will last two days and the cuts will be posted on the school website on December 17th at the end of the night.  If you wish to tryout for girls basketball, please make sure the following have been done by December 13th.  

    1. Turn in a physical (completed by the doctor) to Coach Staup or Coach Johnson

    2. Turn in a completed parent form to Coach Staup or Coach Johnson

    3. Watch the concussion video with Coach Staup or Coach Johnson

    4. Email Coach Staup and express interest in trying out.  The reason to email Coach Staup is so the day of tryouts run smoothly.  It allows the coaches to check grades and physicals beforehand to make sure all neccesary paperwork is done, allowing for maximum practice time on December 16th. 


    PLEASE REMEMBER!: middle school seasons do not last long.  It is extremely hard to cover all the fundamentals and work on conditioning.  If you wish to make the team, please put in the work now.  Run (especially sprint) a lot in the next few weeks before the season begins and work on your layups, shooting form, and dribbling.  The more work you put in now, the better this season will be! 


    *A student-athlete that makes the team will only be allowed to play in a game if they are passing ALL of their current grades.


    If you have any questions, need a physical or parent permission form, or would like to watch the concussion video before December, please email us at hunter.staup@onslow.k12.nc.us or call the JCMS front office.