Hunter Staup
    Head Coach

     Gina Smith
    Assistant Coach

    If you would like any JCMS gear, please visit this link. https://sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/north_carolina/jacksonville/jacksonville-commons-middle-school   


    PLEASE REMEMBER!: middle school seasons do not last long.  It is extremely hard to cover all the fundamentals and work on conditioning.  If you wish to make the team, please put in the work now.  Run (especially sprint) a lot in the next few weeks before the season begins and work on your dribbling/shooting.  The more work you put in now, the better this season will be.  

     BASKETBALL DRILL #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaLql0ueNpY If you do this drill everyday before tryouts, your chances of making the team will improve! 

    DRILL #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm7N2HU4noQ 

    DRILL #3: Elbow shooting game. This should be played with a partner, but it can be played alone too. The game is called "7's". The person shooting shoots from each elbow (if you don't know what the elbow is in basketball, google it). You alternate from each elbow. If you make a shot, you get +1, if you miss a shot, you get -1. If you get to +7, you win the game, if your score gets to -7, you lose and restart. This is the perfect shooting game because shooting midrange jumpers and learning to catch and shoot is a valuable skill. No dribbling. Your partner should pass you the ball once your feet are set, you need to catch and shoot. Email Coach Staup if you are still confused!