Hunter Staup 
    Head Coach

    Ashley Sharpe 
    Assistant Coach

     JCMS 2017-2018 Girl's Softball first cut list:

    Congrats to the following girls who have made it to Monday:

    1. Nivia King

    2. Ashlyn Dacosin

    3. Anneah De Puente

    4. Gizelle Garcia

    5. Mackenzie Napier

    6. Isabel Baysden

    7. Kristine Torres

    8. Ayanna Davis

    9. Jada Valdez

    10. Brooke Hamby

    11. Mikayla Gillard

    12. Raven Lewis

    13. Ally Morton

    14. Jakayla Brown

    15. Jayden Wingfield

    16. Linda Frazier


    If you did not happen to make the list, continue to work hard in class and in softball.  Thank you for coming out! If you would like to talk about what you do to improve your skills, please do so at school.  Have a good weekend! If you did make the list, next practice will be Monday at 3:15.


    If you have any questions please email us at hunter.staup@onslow.k12.nc.us or call the JCMS front office.