Northwoods Elementary Chess Club

  • Northwoods Elementary offers chess club to students in 3rd grade to 5th grade. Chess club is held afterschool on Thursdays until 3:45pm. Students must complete an application. The application will be reviewed by a team of teachers and no more than 25 students will be selected for chess club. In chess club, students have oppurtunities to learn and strengthen their skills. Chess involves critical thinking and problem solving which can also help in the classroom! Members of the Chess Club also have the oppurtunity to try out for the Chess Team, which competes in a county tournament in the spring! 


    Chess Club Applicants will recieve a letter by September, stating their acceptance into the club. 


    If the student was not accepted this year, please encourage them to try again next year. If students drop out, wait list students will be invited to participate in the club.