Degrees and Certifications:

Professional Biologist MSc. Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Science education

Ms. Medina


I am currently the Dual Language Science teacher for Onslow County schools. My professional goal is to promote the holistic formation of my students as citizens of the planet who are proactive and conscious of the interconnections and needs of the world around us. I focus on developing the 21st century skills in each of my pupils in order to prepare them to be the leaders of a globalized world.  


My credentials include a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis in Science Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007), and a degree in Biology from Los Andes University in Bogota, Colombia (1999). Additionally, I have completed the online courses Mindfulness Fundamentals (2012) and Mindful Educator Essentials (2019) with Mindful Schools.  


Since the year 2000, I have worked in bilingual/international schools in Bogota (Colegio Gimnasio Vermont and Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros), Santa Marta (Colegio Bilingue de Santa Marta and Bureche International School) and Barranquilla (Altamira International School) in Colombia. I earned a scholarship from COLFUTURO (2005) and obtained a Master’s degree in Education. I had the opportunity to be a returning Teacher Assistant for Biology AP students, and work as a Research Assistant for the Synchrotron Radiation Center, to develop a physics course as part of the PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) program offered by UW – Madison. Since my return to Colombia in 2007, I have worked in leadership positions, not only being the head of the science department, but also the coordinator for the science fair, environmental projects, and the liaison for the alignment, revision, and implementation of science curricula in several institutions.  


Throughout my teaching career, I have received exceptional preparation on teaching strategies and the use of technology. Some include workshops about: The Leader in Me: Covey’s 7 habits. Blended Learning by planning and implementing station rotations with Tiffany Wycoff. Flipped classrooms with the elaboration of playlists. The gradual release of responsibility using visible thinking strategies. Design thinking and Project-Based Learning.