• Richlands Elementary School would like to give a huge shout out to our Science Olypmiad Team!  The team competed Saturday, February 2nd at Northside High School and won first place in Metric Mania, 3,2,1 Blast Off, and Super Sleuth.  The dataCruncher Team won 2nd Place.  The RES team placed 5th over alland we are very proud of everyone.  If you see a team member--Jason Strope, Jasmine Varner, Isabella Exley, Cade Bergener, Emma Radcliffe, Lily Reyer, Trevor Smith, Kyler Ornoski, Christian Williams, Sophia Barnett, Mason Blanton, Jayden Williams, Mason Gray, and Abigail Varner-- tell them Congratulations!

    A huge Shout out to the coaches, Mrs. Fernandez, Mr. Orr, Mrs. Barnett, Mrs. Adams and our supportive school parents, Mrs. Blanton and Mrs. Reyer for all of their help in making the RES Science Olympiad such a success. 

What is Science Olympiad?

How can I participate?

  • Ask Mrs. Fernandez for more information.

Competition 2018-2019

  • The competition for Science Olypmiad will be on February, 2nd