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     The purpose of a Pirate cheerleader is to display good character and a positive attitude while representing Swansboro Middle School. Together, we will strive to pursue academic and athletic excellence, and develop growth and leadership while promoting school spirit. 



    Prospective candidates need to have a CURRENT PHYSICAL on file along with the necessary councussion paperwork completed in order to tryout along with the following:

    In order to be eligible for athletics at Swansboro Middle School, seventh and eighth grade students must have passed at least one less than the number of required core classes they were enrolled the previous semester. A student becomes eligible or ineligible on the first day of the new semester. That status is retained throughout the entire semester. Students must have been in attendance at least 85% of the previous semester. Once entering the seventh grade, a student will have (4) consecutive semesters of athletic eligibility, regardless of age. A student, who becomes 15 years of age on or before August 31st, is not eligible for middle school athletics. Students must have passed a medical exam within the past 365 days, have health insurance, and parent/guardian, along with athlete, must complete concussion awareness documents prior to athletic participation.