Important Information

Information during Corona Virus On-line Learning for Assignments

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    At this time as an elective teacher, I will not be going "Live" with students on a daily basis like Core/Academic teachers are.  However, students are expected to check the Microsoft Teams page(s) for my class each day.  I am asking that students "check-in" each day by replying to my Check-In Post.  I am also posting assignments for students to complete each week.  These assignments will have appropriate directions and video lessons created by me to help them understand the content and process for completing the assignment(s) successfully.  I am also available throughout the day for students to contact me for help.  They can post questions in Teams or send me an email.  I have had many individual "live" sessions with students that needed my help the through Teams Meeting function.  This one-to-one time has been very beneficial to these students.

    It is my hope to continue second 9 weeks teaching the same content we were going to do before this time of Social Distancing.  Of course modifications will be made as needed, and we may slow the pace down a little bit to accommodate the students and this new learning environment.  Our goal is to continue the year with fidelity and to give our students the best education possible in any given circumstance.  

    Please ensure that your student is doing assignments for all classes - including their elective classes.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.