Ms. Megan Carter



Degrees and Certifications:

Campbell University Bachelor Degree in History and Social Science

Ms. Megan Carter


Welcome to 7th Grade ELA and Math.  I believe that everyday is a new day for opportunities, advancement and experiences.   My goal as a teacher is to help students become the best version of themselves and getting one step closer to achieving their academic and personal life goals everyday. 

In Math, students have a goal of passing and completing 2 IReady Pathway Lessons.  Starting 9/21/20 completion of  two Iready lessons will be counted as a quiz grade each week. 

Passing 2 Lessons- 100%

Passing 1 Lesson and Complete Another- 90%

Passing 1 Lesson and Complete No Other Lessons- 80% 

Complete Two Lessons But Do Not Pass Either- 70% 

Complete 1 Lesson and No Other Lessons- 60%

Complete 0 Lessons- 0%. 


In ELA, students they are expected to complete 4 IXL Recommended Skills Per Week.