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  • Week 2 March 23- 27

    Posted by Kathryn Russell on 3/23/2020

    ELA - This week in ELA we are focusing on decoding and spelling patterns to enhance reading and writing fluency, vocabulary and how tools to assist in comprehension, and finally, it will all be encapsulated into an ongoing composition comparing and contrasting two books about character (The Good Egg and The Bad Seed).  Students (and myself) are all still learning how to navigate through online platforms to access and submit assignments from home.  Through these challenges, the students are also learning to use annotation tools with increased mastery which will be extremely benefical as they progress through the upper grades.

    Math - Students are continuing to learn about fractions and geometry.  They are learning to compare fractions of all sizes and to add/subtract fractions with common denominators.  They will apply their knowledge of fractions and geometry to solve real life situational problems.

    Social Studies/Science - Students continue to learn about the three regions of North Carolina and Force and Motion while applying their reading strategies to acquire information and writing strategies to reflect their understanding in a composition.  As students learn the content of the units, reading skills are integrated to identify text structures, analyze sentence structures and context clues, and to focus on key words for vocabulary development.  Content knowledge is then integrated with writing as students express their understanding through the development of compositions.  Writing pieces are graded for content but also for sentence structures, spelling, writing formats, vocabulary usage, capitalization and punctuation.

    Students work cooperatively through collaboration online in TEAMS. through small groups in conference calls and individually with the teacher to develop skills specific to each particular student. 


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