Degrees and Certifications:

Registered Nurse

Mrs. Kendra Hobbs, RN

Welcome! I am the Nursing Fundamentals Instructor. I have over twelve years of experience and knowledge in nursing that I will be sharing with my students who have an interest in pursuing a career in healthcare. After successfully completing this course you will be eligible to obtain your Nurse Aide I Certificate.  This certificate will allow you to begin working as a Nurse Aide I and can be a great stepping stone to any medical related career goal one may have. I hope to encourage and help each student develop an interest in a healthcare field that fits them as the unique person that they are. By doing this students will be able to feel confident in their endeavor to achieve their career goal. I have high standards for my students and my hope is that when they leave my class they feel confident and knowledgeable with a firm foundation that they will be able to build upon in the years to come. I feel honored and look forward to teaching the future generation of healthcare workers!