• Hello Families!  Let's Partner Together for Daily Learning! 

    Thank you for taking time to visit our classroom’s webpage.  Great to see you here!  


    Each day please visit each page in numerical order to provide your child with a daily experience that includes opportunities for learning in the following learning areas: Social Emotional, Physical, Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Activity and much more! 

    1. We will get started with our Good Morning Song!  We typically allow the students to choose which one they want.  Let them choose between the two listed.  

    2. Brain Break Time!  Students really enjoy doing a Brain Break.  Cross-lateral movement stimulates both sides of our brain and prepares it for learning.   Allow your child to choose a music and movement video.     

    3.  These videos conincide with the lesson plan that is emailed to you weekly.   There are activities to complete each day.   You may do them whenver is convienent for your family.  

    4. Check out some of our fabulous home learning.  What an amazing job you all are doing!  

    5. Science Activities and Videos


    Thinking of you!  We wish you well! 😊  

    Mrs. Pajak, Mrs. Cassandra and Ms. Jenn