• Hello Eagles and Families,
    Send in any field trip or Sweetheart Dance money! This way everything can be organized and in on time! 
    Friday, November 4th report cards went home with students. Make sure you review, sign and return the report card envelope. This is very important since the report cards come home in this envelope at the end of every nine weeks. 
    Earlier this week I graded the lesson 3 rounding quiz that students took on Friday of last week, and the scores were not what I was expecting. With that being said, I have been reviewing during our intervention block and will allow those students to take another quiz to replace the grade from before. The quiz will be different since I put all the correct answers on the quiz when I graded it. Students will be given this opportunity on Wednesday, September 28th which will give me a chance to grade these before interim reports go home on Thursday, September 29th. 
    What I recommend reviewing at home is rounding multi-digit numbers to different place values. The place value that the students will be rounding to can get up to the hundred thousand place value. I tell the students when rounding, you always look to the right of the place value you are rounding. For example, if the problem is asking you to round to the nearest hundred, you look at the tens place. Also, rounding rules include 5 or more raise the score (round up) 4 or less let it rest (round down). I am using these terms in class to help students remember when you round up or down. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! 
    We will be having our beginning of year reading assessment Tuesday, September 13th. This assessment will look like the End of Grade (EOG) test. We want to see what the students know about fourth grade reading content before we dive deeper into the school year. This will allow me to teach your child best so they can grow over the course of this year. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! 

    Today I have started assigning homework. Every day your child will receive homework from me to complete. Reading and math work will be assigned, and sometimes science/social studies depending on the content we are learning about. It is your child's responsibility to write down their homework for the night when they are at school, complete it at home, and then turn it in when they arrive at school. All homework will be taken up to be looked over on Friday. So, if one night your child isn't able to get to their work because of extracurricular activities, just make sure it is completed and turned in by Friday of that week. 
    This week also starts our beginning of the year assessments. This year your child will be completing their iReady math diagnostic and a reading assessment. With the iReady math diagnostic, your child will need earbuds/headphones because this assessment is online. We will start working on this diagnostic this week and will continue to work on it in 25-minute time periods until every student is done. This hopefully will only take a few days, and we will be good to go. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you! 
    I hope everyone has enjoyed the first week back to school. It has been fun learning about your child and getting to know them as a student. 
    Today the students received their laptops for the school year. Here are some expectations for the laptops:
    -Students must take care of this laptop at all times. There should be no food or drink close to the laptop because we do not want any spills. 
    -The laptop is allowed to come home with your child. If your child did not bring home their laptop today, that is because I am missing the internet agreement and the 1:1 device agreement. Also remember to pay your child's laptop fee which is $25. If you need the link for School Cash, please let me know so I can send that to you. 
    -Chargers for the laptops will be staying at home. It is your child's responsibility to charge their laptop every night. We will be using these laptops every day, so it is very important that the laptop comes to school charged and ready to go. The rule with this is if your child brings their laptop to school dead the first time is a warning. Every time after that, they will need to pay me a fee using the Carroll Cash they have earned in class. 
    Remember that there is no school on Monday because of Labor Day. I will see everyone back at school on Tuesday.
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!