• Hello Eagles and Families, 
    I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and the start of the beautiful fall weather. 
    Some reminders:
    -Thursday, October 21st we have an earthquake drill at 10:21 a.m. Please be mindful of this if you plan on checking in/out your child around this time. 
    -Monday, October 25th is the end of the grading period, so if there is any quiz/test you would like your child to retake, I need to know this week. Also, if there is any missing work in PowerSchool, those assignments can be turned in for a grade by Monday. 
    -Starting October 25th, our art enrichment will become Spanish. We have made a transition of enrichments, and students will be receiving Spanish as an enrichment from now on.
    -Next week, October 25th-29th we have Red Ribbon Week. Today your child will be coming home with a flyer explaining the themes for the days and that we are doing a food drive. 
    -Next week on October 27th we will have an early release day for students. Please be mindful that we release students at 12:00 noon, and if there are any changes in transporation, I will need either a written note or email. 
    This week:
    -In math, students will take a deeper look into how multiplication and division are connected. Starting this week, we will have a weekly quiz on all multiplication facts we have learned, so this will include 0's-10's. Students should be studying nightly so they are ready for the quizzes on Friday. 
    -In ELA, students started a new unit today. This unit is dealing with the human body and asking and answering questions based on the different texts we read. This unit is all non-fiction, so students will have a better understanding of non-fiction texts. This week' spelling words are attached to this email along with in a family letter in your child's binder coming home today. This week has many words, so the quiz will be Monday, October 25th to give the students an ample amount of time to study. 
    -In science, students will take the ELA concepts we are learning and start to learn more about the human body through the skeletal system first. We as a class will go through the major bones in the body. 
    Enrichment Schedule:
    Monday- Media
    Tuesday- Art
    Wednesday- P.E.
    Thursday- Music
    Friday- Global Lab
    In the next couple of days, I will send a link for parent-teacher conference sign-ups. These conferences can be in person (with a mask), on TEAMS, or over the phone depending on your preference and availability. So, please be on the lookout for that so you can schedule yourself to meet with me. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
    I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! 
    Some reminders for the week:
    -Any test/quiz that has a 59% or below can be retaken. I just want the student or parent to let me know beforehand so I can have it ready for the student in a timely manner. 
    -Make sure your child is charging their laptop every night so they can use it throughout the day. We use laptops every day, so not having it charged is hindering the student's learning. 
    -Friday, October 15th from 5:00-7:00 is our Fall Festival. I sent an email out earlier with the flyer. The flyer will also come home today in your child's binder with information. 
    Red Ribbon week is October 25th-29th this year, and I am attaching the flyer so you and your child can start preparing outfits for that week! 
    This week:
    -In math, students will be learning about how division correlates to multiplication. We will work together on different problems showing the students the fact families that are made. Students will also take their quiz on the 9's facts on Friday, so make sure they are studying. 
    -In ELA, we are finishing up our unit on Animal Classification and text features. This week students will spend their time enriching their studies on animals, finishing up any work from this unit, and finishing up their writing by typing their paragraphs. 
    -In social studies, we are finishing up our study on economics and using real life examples with economics. 
    Enrichment Schedule:
    Tuesday- Art
    Wednesday- P.E.
    Thursday- Music
    Friday- Global Lab
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
    Boosterthon is in full swing here at Forest, and we are so excited to be raising money to help our school. We are raising money to help update technology and improve our school. So far we have raised $18 per lap as a class. This is amazing! I am so proud of these students. Our next goal is $20 per lap, and when we reach that as a class, I will give the students a popcorn party! 
    Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!  
    I am so excited to be starting school again! I know this year will be amazing and full of fun activities. Last night, you were able to stop by and see your new room, and meet me, your new teacher. I look forward to a fun year. 
    I will be updating the calendar on website for enrichment schedule, socials we plan on having, and any other important dates to remember. 
    If you were unable to do so last night, please reminder to pay your school fees. The breakdown of the fees are Art- $1, School Fee $5, and Technology Usage Fee- $25. You can pay these through the School Cash Online or sending in the money to the school. You can use the QR code that was on the back of your back to school post card you received in the mail, and I have also attached a flyer explaining the website. 
    Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Thank you!