• Hello Eagles and Families,
    Tomorrow is going to be hot, and due to the heat index in the 100's, we as a school have decided to push our 3rd-5th grade field day to Monday, May 23rd. This will allow us to have it in the morning and it will not be as hot for our students. We want to make sure our students are safe while having fun. 😀
    Colevanelli's will still be coming tomorrow, so if you put in an order for your child, they will receive that tomorrow. If you need a reprint of the paper, please let me know. 
    Once I know for sure the time of our field day on Monday, I will be emailing to let you know. Just know that it will take place in the morning before we reach the warmest part of the day. 
    I will send another reminder email over the weekend about field day and include all the details of what to remember for field day. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
    Friday, May 20th is field day! Our time for field day is 12:00-1:45. There will be nine stations set up outside plus a water station for water bottle fill up.  Parents are allowed to come to field day, but they will need to make sure to check in with me outside. You are also allowed to check your child out after field day, but you will need to check them out with me along with your ID and then wait in the front of the school. This way I can make the office aware and then the students can gather their belongings in the classroom.
    Here are some things to remember for field day:
    -Please have your child wear appropriate clothes and shoes for playing outside in the heat. Tennis shoes are a must since they will be playing games that might include running around. 
    -Have your child bring a water bottle. There will be a station set up during field day for water bottle fill up. Remember the temperature is getting warmer and we will be outside in the sun, so water is a must. 
    -There will be games where water is involved, so packing either a towel or a change of clothes is a good idea. 
    -If your child wants Colevanelli's Ice on field day, you will need to fill out the paper I sent home last week and bring the EXACT amount of money. If you need the paper reprinted, please let me know so I can make sure to get that to you before Friday.
    I am excited to have field day this year since the past couple of years we have not been able to do it. 😀
    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!