• 9/12/23
    I am sending this email as a reminder that your child will be taking their Beginning of Grade (BOG) test tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13th. 
    Here are some things to remember/need to know:
    • Make sure your child charges their laptops tonight to make sure they have a fully charged laptop for the test. 
    • Make sure your child gets a good night's rest, so they are not tired on test day. 
    • Your child should get a healthy, filling breakfast since there is no eating and drinking during the testing session. The session usually will take between 2-3 hours. 
    • We will be eating lunch later than normal due to testing. This will push our lunch back at least an hour, so it is very important they get a good breakfast. 
    • Make sure your child arrives on time for school. The testing session will begin shortly after students arrive, so being late will cause a delay in testing.
    • Make sure to give your child positive pep talks tonight and tomorrow morning to get them ready. This is their first standardized test ever, so I know it can be scary/nerve wrecking for most. I will be giving them a positive pep talk tomorrow morning as well, so they all know they got this! 
    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding testing. Thank you! 
    Hello Eagles and Families,
    Today your child is bringing home their laptop if the proper paperwork has been filled out and signed. I am listing out my rules for the laptops along with school rules:
    • Students must be on school-appropriate websites at all times. This applies at school along with at home. Any activity of inappropriate websites will be sent to county office, and the laptop could be taken away completely. 
    • Students are not allowed to have food or drinks next to the laptop. When your child is eating or drinking, they need to put the laptop away. 
    • Students are responsible for charging their laptops daily. If a student comes to school with a laptop not charged or does not bring it at all, their consequence will be a fine of Carroll Cash. 
    • If I catch your student on their laptop when they are not supposed to, it will be a three strikes rule. First time, students will lose laptop privileges for the day. Second time, students will lose laptop privileges for the week. Third time, students will lose laptop privileges for the rest of the year. 
    • If I catch your student on an inappropriate site at school, the laptop will automatically be taken away. 
    • Students must keep their laptops in the laptop cubbies I have in my room. This will allow them to not be distracted, and it lowers the risk of them not being on it when they aren't supposed to. 
    I have gone over these rules with your child today before going home. If you have any questions for me, please let me know. Thank you!