• Information from the Athletic Director at Brewster Middle School:

    For base access parents will need to visit the Camp Lejeune special events page:


    and click the “Public URL” link https://www1.mcieast.usmc.mil/IARA/.

    This will take them to the events page where all the base events are listed. Parents will find the event and click the “request sponsor” button to the right of the event. They will fill out and submit their information. If the parents do this in enough time there will be a separate window at the visitors center where they can pick up a pass on the day of the event and not wait in line.

    All of Brewster Middle School's events have been put into the system so parents can find the events for the rest of the year on the web page. Unfortunately, because the base requires a couple weeks to register our football and softball game is not available to pre-register. We are working with the front gate to try and figure out a solution for these parents. As of now, these parents will need to come earlier to the visitors center and wait in line for a pass. As soon as I receive word about a possible solution to expedite registration for the football and softball game we will relay that information to you.

    All of Brewster's events are on the website and parents are encouraged to register early to make the process easier on them.