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  • January 18-22

    We will be wrapping up our learning on Heat Transfer this week.  Next week, we will review and take a final unit test.  All of this week's lessons will be taught through Discovery Education. Students have access to DE through Clever. They will automatically be logged in when they go through CLEVER.

    Students should make sure that they are following the instructions on each day's assignment in TEAMS.  I will review the assignment requirements with them each day.

    Assignments are due no later than Sunday, January 25th this week. There will be no extensions without communication with parent and approval by teacher.  Students are EXPECTED to complete assignments ON the day they are given.

    Have a wonderful week! Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns (

  • January 11-15, 2021

    • If your child's laptop begins to show a Microsoft error message, you will need to go to a local OCS campus to update the laptop. Simply pull into a parking lot where you have access to the Network, shut down and restart the computer. This should prompt any updates that need to be done.
    • iREADY Math & ELA Diagnostics begin this week. Students who show a 25 point or better GROWTH from their Beginning of Year diagnostic will have an opportunity to win a gift card.  Please encourage your child to take his/her time and try not to assist them with questions so that teachers will get a true glimpse of their growth and mastery.
    • Student pictures are available to take (January 13th and 14th) - please see OVS website for more information.
    • Due dates for assignments will now show on the WAG. There are some assignments that MUST be completed on the same day for full credit.
    • 2nd SEMESTER VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSEJanuary 21, 2021 at 6:00pm. Families will visit their child's Homeroom only for approximately 20-30 minutes
  • HappyNewYear


    Welcome back to a new semester and a fresh start!


    Parents: Please review the SWAY presentation in the Syllabus section of the this website. This is the presentation that I will be reviewing with the students on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will email all parents a survey so that you can indicate that you did review the presentation and understand my expectations.

     I'm looking forward to a very successful second semester for all of my students.  My goal is that 100% of my students will reach a 70% or better level of understanding of the content we learn this semester.  That goal is greatly influenced by the help that they receive from their learning coach who should be helping them to understand content (find additional resources or lead them to advocate for more resources), ensuring that they are FULLY attending class (not sleeping or walking away while the LIVE meeting is running), and completing all assignments to the best of their ability.  The student and learning coach have a plethora of resources at their finger tips not only from the presentations, videos, and information I provide but also from the incredible amount of content available through the internet.  If a student does not understand a concept we have learned in class and still struggling after I have tried to clarify it, looking up videos of other experts explaining the concept is a wise idea.

    Please reach out to me via email with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Have a wonderful week and welcome to a wonderful new year!