• Attention Rising Freshmen (current 8th graders):


    Did you know that the Onslow Virtual Academy offers several classes over the summer? You must have a 3.2 Grade Point Average (GPA) and the approval of your home Onslow County High School. Only 1 course is allowed!

    The courses are completely online and you must have access to your own computer and WiFi (the public library offers both if that is helpful).


    Classes include: 

    English: English 1; English III;  English 4;  Introduction to Social Media; Mythology, Folklore and Gothic Literature

    Art: Art History; Digital Photography; Music Appreciation; Audio Visual Production

    Health and Fitness: Health and PE; Advanced PE; Fitness Fundamentals; Group and Individual Sports;Health Careers and First Aid; HOPE; Coaching and Officiating; Personal Training

    Science: Earth and Environmental;  Physical Science; Chemistry; Forensic Science; Great Minds in Science; Astronomy; Physics; Anatomy and Physiology; Introduction to Robotics; Introduction to Veterinary Science

    Social Studies: American History I;  American History II;  American History: Founding Principles and Civics & Economics; Intro to Criminology; Intro to Anthropology; Intro to Archaeology;  Law and Order; Native American History; Psychology; Social Problems: A World in Crisis; Sociology; World History


    Please contact your school counselor or the Onslow Virtual Academy website for more details and to register.

    The application is below. The student fills this out!

    I will send each school a list of students and the course they want to take on June 8.