•  January 14, 2019

    Happy Monday!

    I am looking forward to another productive week in learning with our students. 

    Reminder: The take home books are to be returned on Friday. 

    We are pretty much back on a regular schedule. Student have started to get back into the routine of things. 

    Mrs. Bailey will soon start testing students in the state mandated book on their sight words for this grading period.

    So, what are we doing this week?

    *In Reading we will continue our unit on nonfiction text features. We will start learning how to be "Close Readers". We will start this on Thursday. Ask your child about close reading and what he/she is learning about it.

    *In Math we will learn how to add tens to any number. We will also learn how to compare two-digit numbers using less than, greater than, and equal to.                             

    *We will continue our Science unit on Polar Animals. 

    *In Social Studies, we will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.  

    Have a great rest of your weekend. 


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