• HOLA! Bienvenidos al 2ndo Grado :)

     Hi, Welcome to 2nd grade :)


    My name is Katherine Acevedo, I'm from Caracas, Venezuela!

    I have more than 15 years teaching kids from Pre-K to 3rd grade:

    Actual-2015: CFIES, USA

    2015-2012: IEA Instituto Educacionales Asociados (El Penon), Venezuela

    2012-2009: Preescolar Pui-Pui, Venezuela

    2009-2006: CEA Colegio El Angel, Venezuela

    2006-2004: La Salle La Colina, Venezuela

    2004-2002: Preescolar Mi Tita, Venezuela 


    I love simple things in our lives such as a day at the beach, a good chocolate, the colors of the flowers, a really good and sweet dessert, strawberries, the smile of my kids and of course: music.

    Having a second language opened many windows to me, so I believe in learning languages and traveling to different places, opening your mind to new cultures, tasting food, and trying new things!

    Life is what you would like, and the best future for our kids is to prepare them for LIFE and not for a grade or a test so be prepared to travel with us!


    Kind Regards,

    Ms. Acevedo