Happy Wednesday!!!!


    Please take a moment to check your child's Daily folder for their weekly papers. Any papers stamped (SIGN AND RETURN) need to be signed and returned no later than Friday. 


    Also, PLEASE check the Field Day email that was sent out earlier this week. If you are planning on purchasing your child an Ice Treat that must be turned in ahead of time. 


    Finally, I will be sending an email later on today concerning some important EOY (End of Year) special dates for you to mark on your calendar. 😊


    Mrs. Greene’s News: May 20-24, 2019 

    Math- This week are continuing to focus on working on how to solve addition and subtraction word problems. This includes one and two step problems. Students will be working on various skills in small groups, hands on activities, computer programs, etc..

    ELA- This week our focus will be completing our EOY Assessments.  Our class will not be participating in guided groups with me this week as we are beginning our EOY Reading Assessments.

    Writing/Word Study- informative/ ur,er,ir  word patterns

    Science- Plants/ Animal Lifecyle’s

    Important Dates

    • April 24th- May 20th- End of Year Assessing will be happening
    • May 24th- Field Day (K-2 will be from 9:30-11:00)
    • May 27th- Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL
    • June 14th- Last Day of School for Students


    ABC Calendar Dates

    Monday- Hat Day

    Tuesday- Ice Cream Day

    Wednesday- June/July Birthday Celebration Day

    Thursday- Kindness Day

    Friday- Luau Day


    Just a few reminders regarding school polices and classroom procedures:


    • No cough drops, chap stick, etc is allowed at school without a doctor's note. These items are considered medicine and your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.
    • Please send a note with your child when they have been absent. This is for the office. If you want to send me an email, I am more than happy to forward it to the office.
    • Please, Please, Please make sure students have jackets/umbrellas, etc for the weather.Since our classroom is outside we have to deal with the weather more than others. It may be a great idea for your child to keep a small umbrella in their bookbag for our "popup" storms.
    • PLEASE review the Dress Code email that was sent home last week. We have had several situations where students are wearing shirts that do not cover their midsection, shorts that are too short, flip flops (shower shoes), etc. 
    • Cell Phones- I know that several students in our class have cell phones in their bookbags for emergency purposes. Please make sure that these are turned off each morning before arriving at school. 

    Homework- Students are to be reading for 20 minutes nightly. This needs to be logged on the reading log in their folder. Students may also practice their math fact recognition using the "XtraMath" information that was sent home last week. I DO NOT assign nightly homework. I DO NOT believe in sending home busy work. If a student is struggling  with concepts, I will help them. I do not expect you to teach them at home. 

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  • DRESS CODE (students)


    The dress and appearance of students has a significant effect upon conduct and behavior while at school. It is expected that students will be dressed and groomed appropriately for the age group of the individual. Carolina Forest International Elementary School, in accordance to OCS Board Policy has adopted the following dress code guidelines:

    * No hats inside of building.

    * Appropriate shoes should be worn for safety reasons keeping in mind students have daily recess and physical activity. Flip flops are not safe footwear and should not be worn. Shoes should have a heel strap.

    * No brief or revealing attire. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be appropriate length (generally fingertip length). Baggy pants/shorts are not permitted. A jacket or shirt should be worn over/under tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts/dresses.

    * Clothing that encourages the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, or contains the use of profanity is not permitted.

  • Behavior is being taken care using our classroom money. You will be notified of major events and repetitive behaviors. 


    DOJO is being used solely for transitions and enrichment classes. Students will pay money for talking, not following directions, etc. Students will be able to earn money for doing what they are expected to do. 


    Coupons will be available for purchase by students that have enough money for privileges such as working at the teacher's desk, free time to color/draw (15 min), write with a pen, work in the class library, candy pass, no shoes in the classroom, wear PJ's to school, etc. 😊


    In addition, students will have opportunities to "cash-in" their money for movies, treats, hot coco, Popsicles, board game time, etc. 

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    Dear Families,
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