I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday!


    As mentioned in our previous email…

    • If you’ve lived here in Jacksonville for a reasonable length of time, you should be aware that the weather and temperature can be rather unpredictable.  As the temperatures are beginning to drop a bit, PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE WEATHER EACH DAY AND DRESS YOUR CHILD ACCORDINGLY.  I have students bring their jacket or coat outside, just in case.  You can pretty much count on us going outside daily, unless it rains, or the temperature feels like the low 40s.  If your child does not have access to a jacket or winter coat, please contact me.
    • From now on, I will only be sending assignments to be signed if they scored below 60%, which is failing.  Mrs. Davis should have every parent that completed their initial paperwork in PowerSchool now.  We were able to get your child logged into PowerSchool this past week and they should not be able to view their assignments and course grades. 

    Below is some information regarding PowerSchool from Mrs. Davis…


    She has processed ALL Parent Portal applications.


    If you did not have an active account, she created your account and put an envelope containing your login information in my mailbox to send home.


    If you have an active account but did not have access to your child here at CFIE, she added that access, but did not send anything home.


    If the name on the paper was not a biological parent (stepparent, grandparent) and you do not have legal custody papers on file with us, then she did not and cannot create an account for you.


    From Mrs. Davis:


    If you have parents that sent in the paper, got nothing back, and are still asking about access, please find out if they have ever accessed their account or if they just don't remember their login information. This will determine my next steps. You are welcome to have them email me directly!







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