Weekly Report

    November 30-December 4, 2020



    Good Evening Parents,

    I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  Last week, students brought home a few extra supplies “just in case.”  Please make sure they bring all those back with them tomorrow - both math books and all the journals.  Please make sure laptops are charged. 

    Here are just a few important reminders for the upcoming week: 

    • Lockdown Drill – Thursday, December 3rd
    • Christmas Break – Monday, December 21st – Monday, January 4th. Students return on Tuesday, January 5th

    Below is what we are learning this week:    

    Math:  This week we will begin Lesson 10 – Multiplying Whole Numbers; Multiplying by One- and Two-Digit Numbers.  All work, whether it is classwork or homework, should have work shown.  This week will also begin our weekly multiplication fact quizzes.  Quiz on lesson 10 and multiplication facts 3 and 4 on Friday. 

    Reading:  Students will be learning about text features and how this information contributes to understanding the text.  We will also begin our new chapter book -The BFG.  Chapter book questions are assigned for homework each night and MUST BE ANSWERED IN A COMPLETE SENTENCE to avoid losing 10 points. 

    Science:  We are continuing with our new unit on Rocks and Minerals.  This week we will be learning about fossils. 

    Social Studies:  Our focus this week will be reading and learning about the Coastal Plain Region long ago. 

    Word Study:  This week students will be learning about progressive verb tenses.  Spelling homework will be strictly assignments on Spelling City.  Students need to complete an assignment each night (giving them a total of 4 assignments, 25 points each).  Spelling test on Friday. 

    Writing:  Our focus for the next few weeks will be informative and explanatory writing.  Students will choose a topic to research and write an informative essay.  We will spend this week talking about good topic choices and narrowing them down to an even smaller topic/subject. 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Have a great week!!


    Christmas Garland