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    Weekly Report

    March 18-22, 2019


    Dear Parents,

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  Please make sure I have received your child’s permission slip for the Planetarium field trip by tomorrow.  A count must be turned in as soon as possible.  Below you will find information about our classroom/school happenings as well as what students will be working on this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a wonderful week! 😊

                                                      Here is what we are working on this week:


    Math: This week, we will continue with area and perimeter.  Topics this week are:  applying distributive property to area models to find the area of combined rectangles; relate area to addition and multiplication by using area models; and comparing perimeters of rectangles that have the same area.  Students that have not mastered their multiplication facts will continue to have weekly Friday quizzes.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE STUDYING THESE NIGHTLY!  Also, please make sure that your child is completing homework nightly.  All math homework should have work shown.  Homework that is missing work will result in a loss of 10 points. 

    Reading:  Our focus this week will be fables, pour quoi tales, and trickster tales.  Students will read and determine the central message or lesson of the text.  Just a reminder that students should be reading and answering their assigned chapter book questions each night for homework.  All reading responses MUST be in complete sentences with the question restated in their answer to avoid a loss of 10 points. 

    Social Studies:  This week we are continuing with the three branches of government – executive, judicial, and legislative. 

    Writing: Students are using their research to write their report on their famous person.   

    Word Study:  Spelling words and our focus this week are inflected endings (words ending in ed and ing). Please make sure your child is studying their words to prepare for Friday’s spelling test. 

    Below are some important upcoming events as well as reminders. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email address is: christie.collins@onslow.k12.nc.us The link to the school website and my homepage is: https://nc02213593.schoolwires.net/Page/4184 


    Important Upcoming Classroom/School Events –

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