• Spring

    Weekly Report

    May 23-27, 2022


    I hope you all had an amazing weekend! We are now in the final countdown - 11 school days to go. Please continue to encourage your child to work hard and do their absolute best. I know everyone is getting summer fever, but classroom and school rules must continue to be followed.

    If you know that you will be checking your child out early, please send me an email/note that morning letting me know what time. Often, check-outs occur during our recess time, and it is difficult to get students into the building and packed up. I am unable to leave my class unattended on the playground. If I know ahead of time, your child can be ready when the office calls for them. Because EOG’s are a week away, it is especially important that your child is present at school. Unnecessary absences and early checkouts cause your child to miss important review and instruction.

    For our end of the year party, I am asking for donations just as I did at Christmas. If you are able to donate $5 to help offset the cost of the party items, it would be appreciated. I am still in the planning stages but was thinking that a hotdog picnic would be nice for the students. I am asking for all money to be sent in by Wednesday, June 1st.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a fantastic week 😊.

    Below is what we are learning this week:

    Math: This week, we are finishing with the last two lessons in the math book – classifying angles and symmetry. Students will have a quiz on classifying shapes on Wednesday, and line of symmetry on Friday. We are also reviewing for EOG’s in addition to daily math lessons. Please ensure your child is completing homework each night and that all homework has work shown for each problem. I cannot assist your child with understanding his/her mistakes, if they have no work on their paper. Homework that is missing work will result in a deduction of 10 points.

    ELA (Reading/Writing/Word Study):  We will finish with our unit on Treasure Island. Topics this week are drawing conclusions using specific details; finding the climax and resolution; and explaining how characters change over the course of a story. We will continue with our chapter book – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Please make sure that your child is answering the assigned chapter questions for homework, and that answers are in complete sentences to avoid a loss of 10 points.

    Science:  We are continuing with our final unit in science – animal and plant adaptations. Biome projects are due by Friday, May 27th. This project will count as a test grade. Topics this week include types of animals; the importance of the sun and photosynthesis; and how living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) things need each other.

    Important Upcoming Class/School Happenings:

    • Monday, May 30th Memorial Day Holiday
    • Wednesday, June 1st ELA EOG
    • Friday, June 3rd Math EOG
    • Tuesday, June 7th Last Day of School