• Weekly Report

    May 29-June 2, 2023



    I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.  We have only 9 days remaining.  Please encourage your child to continue to work hard and do their best.  I want them to finish this year STRONG!!  We will begin an intense review tomorrow and will continue through the week.  Please try and limit absences and early checkouts if possible.  I understand that students get sick and must miss school, but missing excessive days does impact their learning and what has been discussed in class.

    Our end of the year party will be Friday, June 9th.  We will have pizza for lunch.  I am asking for $5 from each student so I can purchase pizzas, drinks, chips, and something sweet.  Please send in money by Friday, June 2nd.  Thank you to those parents who have already sent theirs in. 

    Please take a few minutes to review what is happening in the forest.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Enjoy your week 😊

    Below is what we are learning this week:


    ELA (Reading/Writing/Word Study):  REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW

    Science:  We will continue learning about animal and plant adaptations.  Students will learn about the effects of environmental changes, adaptations and behaviors that enable animals (including humans) to survive in changing habitats. 

    Important Upcoming Class/School Happenings:

    • Tuesday, June 6thReading EOG
    • Wednesday, June 7thAwards Day
    • Thursday, June 8thMath EOG
    • Friday, June 9thLast Day of School.  Report Cards Go Home