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     -Candyman Fundraiser is due October 18th

    -Fall Festival is October 18th, 5-7.  Any soda donations would be greatly appreciated!

    -Early release October 17th. 

    -Please check your student's agenda NIGHTLY! Your child will have math and reading homework nightly.  They may have word study homework if they do not complete the assignment during class in a timely manner.

    -Please check powerschool/gradebook WEEKLY!

    -Laptops have been assigned to students.  They will be able to go home as soon as: the student have taken the BOG, school fees have been paid, internet and 1:1 forms have been signed, and a parent/guardian has completed the digital agreement.



    In math, we are learning the properties of multiplication.  We are learning the zero property, identity propety, commutative property, associate property and distributive property.


    We will learn all the types of context clues to look for in a text: definitions, examples, inferences, synonyms and antonyms. This week we use our passport to travel the world finding contect clues.  We are also starting reading groups!

    Social Studies & Science

     S.S. - We will be learning about maps and globes.  We will be completing an interactive notebook, making a globe using a balloon and other interactive lessons!

    Science- We are learning about different types of landforms and bodies of water.  We will read passages, work in groups and partners, and complete hands on activities.


     Xtramath - This is a website I use to help students with fact fluency.  It's free and it sends me a report on how each student does once they complete a session.  First it starts with timed addition facts.  Once they master addition, they move on to subtraction, multiplication then division.