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    -Please make sure laptops are coming to school every day and are fully charged!

    -Free breakfast and lunch until January 31st


  •  Mathematics

    This week we are starting our data and graphing unit.  We will be learning how to read a picture graph, bar graph and mine plot.  Looking at the key will be the most important part!  We will also learn how to make each of these graphs!

    -Please continue to quiz and help your child practice their multiplication facts! 



    In reading we are learning about nonfiction text features.  In this using we get to complete a lot of hands on activities!  We are also continuing to read our books in book groups.  Ask your child what book he or she is reading!

    In writing we are working on informational text.  This will align with our science unit while we conduct plant research.

    For word study we are learning the long "ur" and "ir" patterns.


    Social Studies & Science

    In science we are continuing our solar system unit.  We will be learning all about the moon and other objects in our solar system.  We are starting a planet research project this week.  This will aligning with our informational writing.  The students will be using their laptops to do research!



    Some great sites to use inclue