• Mr. D. LatoucheDonnavon.Latouche@onslow.k12.nc.us

    I am excited to work with you and your child throughout the year. Science is an extremely engaging and interesting subject. It increases our awareness and knowledge of the world around us and opens doors to new and exciting discoveries.

    This year your son or daughter will be using a variety of instructional materials to help them achieve proficiency in science content.  They will apply what they have learned through various lab investigations and activities which can be fun and highly engaging.

    I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from the GC Foster College, Jamaica. 

    This is my 4th year teaching science in Onslow County!

                                 My goal is to create a classroom learning environment to help your child:

                     -          Develop a strong science vocabulary

                     -          Build a solid foundation of science concepts and understanding

                     -          Make connections among science and other academic areas

                     -          Utilize technology to learn more about science

                     -          Apply mathematics to problem solving

                     -          Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively.