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Degrees and Certifications:

Associate in Arts Associate in Applied Science Bachelor in English Master in Criminal Justice

Ms. Albertia Burgess

Hey Friends!!! We are going to have TONS of fun this year, so GET EXCITED!!😊 Just a little bit about me: I have three adult daughters who drive me absolutely crazy.  Gotta love teenagers!  I am a big fan of cars and shoes.  Cooking and making music are two hobbies that I really, really, really enjoy! I like to write music, but as a creator, I rap.  My personal goal this year is to be more physically active outdoors and in the gym.

After I received my GED from Coastal Carolina Community College (CCCC), I went on to collect an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Applied Science from the same institution.  This paved the way for me to move on to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where I would earn my Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  My latest academic achievements include a teaching fellowship at Stanford University, several seminars hosted by Queens University, and the completion of my Master's degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Research. Currently, I teach for OVSS and CCCC, and am working on establishing my mobilized tutorial service, The Resource Roadster. This year I am also one of fifteen United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Fellows and a mentor for the NC Public School Forum's Rural Teacher Leader Network.