• 3/22/19

    Happy Friday! 

    Hope you had a great week! There's quite a bit of info coming at you for next week, so please read carefully:


    • Students will be taking Math and ELA benchmarks next week. (Wednesday - Math & Friday - ELA). It is imperative that your student arrives at school on time and with their fully charged laptop, as benchmarks are taken electronically. Uncharged laptops will cause them to have to be pulled to make up the benchmark during classroom instruction. 
    • On Tuesday, March 26th, students need to bring their laptops AND chargers to school. Campus techs will be ensuring the proper testing software is installed and the library will be conducting charger accountability checks.
    • Also on March 26th, the students will be having Electronics Hour that they earned from exhibiting positive behavior when I had to be out this week. Students may bring their own electronic device to school to play with during our designated electronics time. Students are 100% responsible for their device and they will be held accountable in the event that it is lost, broken, or stolen. If it is played with at any time other than our designated electronics time (2:00-3:00), the device will be confiscated and will need to be picked up by a parent.
    • March 26th is ALSO Spring Picture Day. Order forms went home this week. 
    • Due to benchmarks, students WILL NOT have homework next week. 
    • Things we are running low on in the classroom:
      • Glue sticks
      • Community snacks (salty snacks like goldfish, cheez-its, chips)
    What we're learning next week:
    ELA Poetry/Drama/Prose

    Main idea
    Poetry/Drama/Prose Test Wednesday

    Writing Persuasive Writing Project  
    Math Comparing Decimals  
    Science Energy  

    Have a great weekend!
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  • 3/15/19

    Ahoy, me hearties! 

    We have had a FANTASTIC pirate day! The kiddos are dressed to perfection and had a blast learning all about pirates of the Carolinas. Check out our pictures on Dojo! A few things you can ask them about when they get home are: What does a pirate eat? What is Blackbeard's real name? What kind of loot did pirates steal? Who are some other famous pirates? Were there female pirates? How was your adventure on the pirate ship? Hopefully they sleep well tonight! 

    Here is some important info for next week:

    • Interims go home on Monday. Since you have the ability to check grades at home, please sign and return the interim.  
    • We are on our last batch of glue sticks. If you are able to get some for us and send them in, that would be great! We use them frequently, so we need A LOT! Thanks in advance!

    Homework for next week:

    • 3 spelling activities
    • vocabulary powerpoint
    • unfinished work

    What we're learning:


    ELA Drama/Prose  
    Math Decimals -Quiz Monday (adding fractions with denominators of 10 and 100)
    -Quiz Friday (converting fractions with denominators or 10 and 100 to decimals)
    Social Studies  Immigration to NC   
    Science Light  


    Have a great weekend! 

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  • 3/8/19

    Happy Friday!

    I hope you had a great week. Here's what you need to know for next week: 

    • AARRGH! Friday 3/15 is PIRATE DAY! Your student may come to school dressed in pirate attire (no swords, hooks, weapons of any kind, or gore) and will spend the day learning all about pirates and the impact they had on our state! This is going to be an awesome day, so be on the lookout for lots of pictures on Dojo! 
      • If you volunteered to supply a snack for our special day, please send it in ASAP so I know what I don't have and what I will need to get. If you need a reminder of what I signed you up for, send me an email so I can remind you. Information went home about this on Monday. 
    • Today, I am sending home a field trip form for our students to go see the North Carolina Symphony perform at White Oak High School on April 2nd from 11:00-1:30. The cost is free for students, but I have to have a signed permission form and I have to know whether your student will be bringing lunch from home or if they need a bagged lunch from the cafeteria. We will be missing our regular lunch time but will eat lunch when we return to school. I need this form signed and returned by March 18th. 
      • I also need 2 chaperones, but I cannot have more than 2 due to limited space. Please indicate on the form if you are able to chaperone this trip. 
    • PLEASE ask your student if they have headphones. We use headphones nearly everyday in class and students are missing valuable learning opportunities when they do not have them. I have given out all the extras I had, so I do not have any more to spare. If you are unable to purchase them for your student, please let me know.
    Homework for next week:
    • Vocabulary Powerpoint ONLY
    • unfinished work from the week
    What we're learning:
    ELA Poetry, Drama, Prose  
    Writing Persuasive Writing  
    Math Comparing Fractions
    and Fractions-->Decimals
    Test TUESDAY on Equivalent/Comparing Fractions
    Social Studies Colonia Conflict/Pirates Pirate Day FRIDAY!


    Have a fantastic weekend! 

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