• 1/18/19

    Happy Friday!


    I hope you've had a great week! I don't have any announcements for next week other than NO SCHOOL on Monday!! Enjoy your long weekend! 


    Homework for next week:


    • Vocabulary Powerpoint that includes the following for each word
      • word
      • definition
      • the word used in a sentence that is at least 5 words long
      • a synonym and antonym for the vocabulary word
      • a picture that demonstrates the word



    *Unfinished classwork is also expected to be completed for homework


    What we're learning next week:

    ELA: Paired Text

    Math: Multi-digit multiplication

    Science: Magnets

    Writing: Commonly Confused Words/ Short writing prompts


    Have a super awesome long weekend! 

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  • 1/11/19

    Happy Friday Families!

    Hope you are staying warm on this chilly Friday. Here's what I've got for next week:


    • Thursday, January 17, Interim Reports will be going home. However, your child is able to check their grades daily so you should be able to login and see if any assignments are missing. Missing assignments needs to be turned in ASAP. 
    • I'm running low on community snacks. Requested snack items are: chips, cheeze-its, and fruit roll ups. If you can send any of these things in, that would be awesome :) 
    • We use ear buds in class frequently and many students do not have any. They were on the supply list and each student needs to have them at school everyday. Please be sure your student is equipped with ear buds every day. If you are feeling generous and would like to donate some to our class, we would be extremely grateful! 
    Homework next week: THERE ARE CHANGES::
    • 3 Spelling activities (MUST BE COMPLETED IN ONE NOTE)
    • Vocabulary Powerpoint that includes the following for each Vocabulary word:
      • Word
      • Definition
      • The word used in a sentence that is at least 5 words long
      • A synonym and antonym for the vocabulary word
      • A picture that demonstrates the word
    • Any unfinished classwork from the week
    • Please note that I DO NOT accept late homework. 
    What We're Learning:
    ELA Graphic Features in Informative Text Quiz Friday
    Students will take an online writing diagnostic that targets specific writing skills
    Math Multi-Digit Multiplication   
    Social Studies Government  PowerPoint project due Thursday
    Test Friday

    Have a great weekend! 
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  • 1/4/18

    Happy Friday Families! 

    I hope you had a great first week of 2019! I was very impressed with the way students were able to get back into the swing of things. We have had a great week! 


    Here is some information for next week:


    • Tuesday, January 8th, at 10:00 am, we will be taking our First Quarter ELA Benchmark. It is IMPERATIVE that your student is here at school that day to take the benchmark and that their laptop is fully charged. Otherwise, THEY WILL MISS CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION TO MAKE UP THE BENCHMARK
    • You may have heard, but our school has been assigned an SRO officer. This officer will be shared with Jacksonville Commons Elementary, but don't be alarmed if you see a patrol car out front of the school building. Officer Zulkeski is here to provide extra safety and security, and to help improve student learning, student attendance and the overall quality of the educational program while fostering a positive school-police image in the minds of youth. His office is located right across from our classroom.
    • Homework will resume next week. Please scroll down to see what will be assigned for homework. 


    Homework for next week:


    • 3 Spelling Activities
    • 3 Vocabulary Activities
    • Any unfinished classwork


    What We're Learning Next Week:


    • ELA: Comparing Firsthand/Secondhand Accounts of events (Test Friday)
    • Writing: Finishing Informative Writing Project
    • Math: Elapsed Time (Test Friday)
    • Social Studies: NC and Local Government 
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