• Please reference the link above to view the 2023-2024 Scheduling Information.

    On Wednesday, March 22nd, the scheduling process for students to register for next year’s classes will commence.

    Students can start booking their 1:1 appointment time NOW, by clicking on the appropriate link below.

    Students entering grades 10-12 click HERE to schedule your virtual appointment.

    Students entering grade 9 click HERE to schedule your virtual appointment.

    • Once you book an appointment time, you will receive an email confirming that appointment, with a link to Microsoft Teams.
    • You will be meeting with your school counselor 1:1 via Microsoft Teams.
    • Please choose only ONE appointment time. Choosing multiple appointment times will take spots away from other students wanting to register for classes.

     Important items to make sure to view in the Course Guide include:

    Steps to Take Prior to Meeting with Counselor

    1. View the PowerPoint presentation carefully
    2. Be prepared to discuss classes for next year
    3. Involve your parents when planning your classes
    4. Familiarize yourself with the electives OVS is offering by clicking  HERE
    5. Refer to the Onslow County Schools 2023-2024 Course of Study Guide, for class descriptions.  Click HERE for the registration guide.

    Right Before Meeting with Counselor

    1. Have your TEAMS open on your laptop, ready to connect with your counselor. The counselor will call you in TEAMS. 
    2. Have your student email pulled up as well.
    3. Be on time! There’s very little room for delays. Other students are waiting to register too.
    4. Pretty much have your class selections ready to discuss. 
    5. Write your questions down prior to our meeting time, so you’re ready to ask them during our meeting.

    We are excited to meet with you individually and look forward to seeing you soon!!!