• 2nd Grade SPLASH


    Each day we work on phonics, comprehension, and fluency.

    We are working on reading Fiction and Non-Fiction texts with fluency and accuracy.

    Asking and answering questions after reading about character traits/feelings, problem/solution, beginning/middle/end, how a character changes, lessons learned, etc.


    3rd Grade SPLASH

    We are working on types of syllables to decode multisyllabic words, word endings, and long and short vowels.

    We are also working on looking back in the text to find answers.

    We have been working on Multi meaning words and deciding the meaning of unknown words using context clues.

    Continue working on finding main idea and details, text features, and context clues to find the meanings of words and phrases, how paragraphs and sentences are connected in a passage, moral/lesson, character traits/feelings, beginning/middle/end, etc.

    The students may get on Reading Eggs/Eggspress, Study Island, ReadWorks.com, and typing sites to improve reading and typing skills.


    Reading Specialist

    As the Reading Specialist I am pulling small groups of students from each grade level to work with them for 30 minutes daily. We are working on firming up skills with sight words, phonics, fluency, and comprehension.