Mrs. Lynch


  • BA in History - Penn State, Behrend Campus, Erie, PA

    Social Studies Education Certification (Grade 6-12) - Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA

    Master's in Library Science - East Carolina University

Biography and Experience

  • I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My college experiences took me to the snow belt of Erie, PA, and my first teaching job brought me to Swansboro, NC.  I started my teaching career at Swansboro Middle School. I taught Social Studies in 7th Grade for seven years. After receiving my Master's in Library Science, I worked at Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School in Jacksonville for four years before returning to Swansboro in 2016.   

    I love to be outside with my family, kayaking, beaching it, and cooking. My other passions are reading and learning about people and places around the world. I love exploring the world around me and around the globe. When I can't travel, books help me peek into the diverse lives and stories of people from all walks of life so that I can take a moment to walk around in their shoes. I hope that I share that passion with the students I teach and they, in turn, can share their stories and passions with the world.

    My Teaching Philosophy can be boiled down to one statement...curiosity becomes interest; interest becomes understanding; understanding becomes empathy; empathy becomes caring; caring becomes kindness. Stay Curious!    


Our Library

  • We build a collection of books, technology, and eResources that help support the curiosity and the intellectual growth of our students in order to foster a love of learning. We have one Media Coordinator, one volunteer that comes in weekly (as well as many on-hand when we need them), and a collection of almost 11,000 books and media (an average of about 18 per student). Our Media Center is home to our Digital Facilitator, our Technician, our Social Worker, and our Counselor. Throughout the day, we operate flexible open circulation, large classes, as well as small groups and Maker's Space times.