• Global Field Day 2020 at Home


    I hope that you will be able to take some time to enjoy some Global Field Day Fun at Home this week. I know that we aren't able to have our Global Field Day Celebration in person here at school, however, there are still a few activities that you can try at home. We certainly miss being altogether to celebrate, however, here are a few ideas that maybe you and your family can share together.

    • Hula Hoop Fun: See how long you can keep the hula hoop going while another family member helps time you.
    • Egg and Spoon Fun: Use a plastic or wooden spoon to balance a plastic egg on the spoon while walking from one spot to another. See how far you can go without dropping the plastic egg. If you do drop it, pick it up and start again right where you stopped. If other family members would like to play, set up an Egg and Spoon Relay for the whole family to enjoy! Please make sure you use a PLASTIC egg only, and be sure to check with an adult first!
    • 50 Yard Dash: Ask a family member to help you mark off a distance in your yard to run from one spot to another. Any distance will do:) See if a family member can help time you for several trial runs and see if you get faster with practice :)


    2020 Global Field Day

           We are very excited to host our upcoming Global Field Day on Friday, May 1st!  Our morning will kick off with our Global Field Day Parade at 8:30 a.m.. Each grade level will represent a continent, and each class will represent a country throughout the day.  K-2 will participate in Global Field Day events in the morning, while grades 3-5 will participate in the events in the afternoon.  Please be sure to review this informational page in the next few weeks for specific scheduled times.  

         Students are currently practicing the Global Field Day events in P.E. classes.  In two weeks they will sign up for their events of choice with their classroom teacher.  These events include:

    • Egg & Spoon Relay
    • Sack Relay
    • 3 Legged Race Relay
    • 50 Yard Dash; 4x4 Relay
    • Baton Relay (3-5)
    • Kangaroo Hop Relay (K-2)
    • Hula Hoop
    • Tug of War (All Students)

         **1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place medals will be awarded in each event.  Points will be awarded to the classes/countries who earn medals.**   

         Our Global Field Day will be held on the soccer field with painted lines for competition lanes along with marked viewing areas.  Family members are welcome to attend and cheer on their Global Athletes!  We look forward to an exciting day of Global celebration with all our SBES Family