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Parent and Family Engagement Policy for Title One

Queens Creek Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Policy 2019-2020 Title I Schoolwide School The staff of Queens Creek Elementary believe that parents are one of the most important components of our Title One Program. We seek to involve our school families in all aspects of planning, reviewing, and improving our project. At the beginning of the school year, letters are sent home to notify parents of Queens Creek Elementary being a Title One school. All parents and students at Queens Creek will be invited to attend an annual Title One meeting as well as various events throughout the school year. They will be provided with information on upcoming events, student eligibility, and ways we encourage parent involvement. Parents will be surveyed to determine their interest in the home/school connection. Flexible meeting times before, during and after school will be provided to accommodate all participants. In the spring of each year, the Strategic Planning Team meets to construct the Title One plan for the succeeding year. Parents will be made aware of state standards, curriculum, assessments, and proficiency levels through conferences and meetings held with staff members. Strategies will be presented to parents in a timely manner so they may help their children at home to promote success in the classroom. Their suggestions and questions will be looked upon with the utmost importance and responses will be provided in a timely manner. Volunteers are recruited periodically to support students in our school, and they participate in an annual fall volunteer training to review ways to help students and staff at Queens Creek along with the importance of student confidentiality. A minimum of two family conferences will be scheduled each year to ensure parents, teachers, and students work together to be successful. Compacts will be signed by all parties at the beginning of each school year. Our ESL teacher will aid those with limited English proficiency. Disabled parents will receive accommodations, so they have a full opportunity to participate in all of our activities. Progress reports will be sent home four times annually to keep parents informed of their students’ progress. Newsletters will be sent home with information about upcoming events and strategies to support their children at home. Resources will be available for parents to use at home with their children upon request. To support these parent initiatives, a percentage of the Title One budget will be set aside to fund these activities. At the end of the school year, parents will be asked to answer a short survey which provides feedback on our program. This in turn will help our staff make informed decisions about the effectiveness of our plan and help improve upon next year’s parental involvement ac