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3rd Grade Multiplication Bee

Multiplication Bee group photo

On Tuesday, March 22, multiplication was the name of the game as 18 third graders from across Onslow County came together to compete in the 2021-2022 OCS Multiplication Bee.  

All 18 competitors participated in rounds one and two, showing just how quickly they could compute and give an answer in an online, timed test. After the first two rounds, the nine participants with the highest scores moved on to rounds in which they were given individual questions that became increasingly difficult. Each round, competitors were given problems with more and more digits, with the final round consisting of 4-digit numbers multiplied by 3-digit numbers.  

In the end, Morton Elementary’s Collins Staggs emerged victorious and took home the first-place trophy. Blue Creek’s Cooper Plachno and Southwest Elementary’s Zane Grabe tied for second place.  

Congratulations to the winners and all who competed on a job well done! 

Collins Staggs took first place  Zane Grabe and Cooper Plachno tied for second place

Full list of competitors:  

  • Anne Reese, Bell Fork Elementary
    • Coach: Melissa Montellano 
  • Cooper Plancho, Blue Creek Elementary 
    • Coach: Amanda Allen 
  • Lance Cua, Carolina Forest Elementary 
    • Coach: Maura Carroll 
  • Cambri Lankas, Coastal Elementary 
    • Coach: Melissa Thomas 
  • Madison Wickline, Dixon Elementary 
    • Coach: Melissa Thomas 
  • C.J. Kreuger, Heritage Elementary 
    • Coach: Pamela Watson 
  • Molly Smith, Hunters Creek Elementary 
    • Coach: Mikaela Stanley 
  • Caroline Waters, Meadow View Elementary 
    • Coach: Dawn Pelletier 
  • Collins Staggs, Morton Elementary 
    • Coach: Janice Tyciak 
  • June Kratz, Northwoods Elementary 
    • Coach: Patricia Hayes 
  • Elijiah Shofkom, Onslow Virtual Elementary 
    • Coach: Allison Laine 
  • Kenneth Fontanilla, Richlands Elementary 
    • Coach: Kaitlyn Hannan 
  • Joel Wasson, Sand Ridge Elementary 
  • Zane Grabe, Southwest Elementary 
    • Coach: Brandy Cochran
  • Ansley Hunt, Stateside Elementary 
    • Coach: Jennifer Pruckner 
  • Wesley Andryshak, Summersill Elementary 
    • Coach: Heather Smith 
  • Jacob Cowell, Swansboro Elementary 
    • Coach: Jill Riggs