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Elementary School Spelling Bee

Participants in the 2022 Elementary Spelling Bee

Students from 18 e-l-e-m-e-n-t-a-r-y schools gathered on Wednesday, March 23, to see who would emerge v-i-c-t-o-r-i-o-u-s in the 2021-2022 OCS Elementary Spelling Bee.  

Participants put their skills to the test as they competed in several rounds of spelling challenges.  
In the end, the gold went to Bell Fork Elementary’s Lucas Hill, while Hunters Creek Elementary’s Laylah Alexander took second place.   

Congratulations to the winners and a job well done to all competitors! 

Winners of the 2022 Elementary Spelling Bee

Full list of participants:  

  • Lucas Hill, Bell Fork Elementary 
  • Jacinth Taylor, Blue Creek Elementary 
  • Dante Medder, Carolina Forest Elementary 
  • Benjamin McDaniels, Clyde Erwin Elementary 
  • Macy Stricklin, Coastal Elementary 
  • Elaina Meeks, Dixon Elementary 
  • Bobby Tucker, Heritage Elementary 
  • Laylah Alexander, Hunters Creek Elementary 
  • Braddock Gonyea, Jacksonville Commons Elementary 
  • Steve Couch, Meadow View Elementary 
  • Jacoby Paschall, Northwoods Elementary 
  • Megan Powell, Parkwood Elementary 
  • Kenneth Fontanilla, Richlands Elementary 
  • Brelynn Howard, Silverdale Elementary 
  • Marielys Sidelko, Southwest Elementary 
  • Peyton Thomas, Stateside Elementary 
  • Micah Willis, Summersill Elementary 
  • Taylor Tenbrink, Swansboro Elementary