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Middle School Spelling Bee

All of the participants in the 2022 Middle School Spelling Bee

Twenty-four middle school students from across the county came together on March 24 to spell their way to the top of the 2021-2022 OCS Middle Schools Spelling Bee.  

Through more than a dozen rounds of spelling challenges, students used their knowledge and skill to see who would emerge victorious. When the competition came down to just two remaining competitors, Kadence Teschke and Chase Rose, the two battled it out for the gold.  

Kadence Teschke accepts her trophy  Chase Rose accepts his trophy

In the end, first place went to Kadence Teschke, a Hunters Creek Middle School 8th grader, who won by correctly spelling the winning word: abstention. Chase Rose, a 7th grader from Trexler Middle, took second place after an impressive night of spelling.  

Winners of the 2022 Middle School Spelling Bee

Congratulations to the winners, and a job well done to all who participated!  

Full list of competitors:  

  • Sarina Mann, Dixon Middle  
  • Kristen Fernandez, Dixon Middle 
  • Kiera Gibbs, Dixon Middle 
  • Colton Mayen, Hunters Creek Middle 
  • Jacob McRaney, Hunters Creek Middle 
  • Kadence Teschke, Hunters Creek Middle 
  • Jessie Olan, Jacksonville Commons Middle 
  • Ethan Hawk, Jacksonville Commons Middle 
  • Hao Nguyen, Jacksonville Commons Middle  
  • Solomon Lange, New Bridge Middle 
  • Carmela Rogers-Gonzalez, New Bridge Middle 
  • Christian Nuttall, New Bridge Middle 
  • Madalin Hansen, Northwoods Park Middle 
  • Isabela Alvarez Almodovar, Northwoods Park Middle 
  • Cristian Hernandez Garcia, Northwoods Park Middle 
  • Michael Roedersheimer, Onslow Virtual Secondary 
  • Allison Briggs, Onslow Virtual Secondary 
  • Harliee Vest, Onslow Virtual Secondary 
  • McKenzie Riddle, Southwest Middle 
  • Karlee Pincus, Southwest Middle 
  • Emma Tolley, Southwest Middle 
  • Chandler Fountaine, Swansboro Middle 
  • Blake Lawsone, Swansboro Middle 
  • Savanna Hilliard, Swansboro Middle 
  • Chase Stathokostas, Trexler Middle 
  • Chase Rose, Trexler Middle 
  • Wyatt Jones, Trexler Middle