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Trades Day 2022


On March 26, over 60 OCS students made their way to Coastal Carolina Community College to compete in the annual Trades Day event.   

Trades Day was designed more than a decade ago to help local companies and contractors connect with talented and skilled youth. This event is a partnership between CCCC, OCS, the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, and many other supporting businesses and organizations.

A student competes in the welding competition at Trades Day 2022  Students compete in the construction challenge at Trades Day 2022

Through competing at Trades Day, high school students taking CTE courses can show off their skills and work ethic in their chosen fields of study. Competitions this year included automotive, construction teams, culinary arts, drafting, electrical, masonry, and welding.   

Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all OCS students who participated. We are beyond proud of the work our CTE students do each day! 

A student lays bricks as she competes at Trades Day 2022  A student competes in the automotive competition at Trades Day 2022

Trades Day Winners:  

Automotive Technology (Troubleshooting Diagnostics) 

  • 1st Place: Elayna Samson, ENCRSC 
  • 2nd Place: Dustin Cupsta, ENCRSC 
  • 3rd Place: Miguel Muiz-Balacy, ENCRSC 

Construction Technology (2-Person Team) 

  • 1st Place: Riley Melville and Austin Waters, White Oak High School 
  • 2nd Place: Kendall Kellum and Angel Velez-Galan, Jacksonville High School 
  • 3rd Place: Hunter Hansen and Corbin Hall, Swansboro High School 

Culinary Arts 

  • 1st Place: Markeya Freeman, Richlands High School 
  • 2nd Place: Nathan Camp, Dixon High School 

Drafting (Architectural)  

  • 1st Place: Landon Adams, Richlands High School 
  • 2nd Place: Ayden Quinn, Richlands High School 
  • 3rd Place: Logan Ezzell, Richlands High School 

Drafting (Technical) 

  • 1st Place: Corey Cupsta, Northside High School 
  • 2nd Place: Jada Sears, Northside High School 
  • 3rd Place: Eduardo Villegas, Northside High School 

Electrical Trades (Basic Electrical Wiring) 

  • 1st Place: Dakota Stohr, Swansboro High School 
  • 2nd Place: Jason Dombrowski, Swansboro High School 
  • 3rd Place: Eli Miller, Swansboro High School 


  • 1st Place: Julian Thiel, Richlands High School 
  • 2nd Place: Krisdafer Nelson, White Oak High School 
  • 3rd Place: Matthew Lambert, Richlands High School 

Welding I (Torch Cutting) 

  • 1st Place: Lexi Smith, Dixon High School 
  • 2nd Place: Camryn Harris, ENCRSC 
  • 3rd Place: Julian Cerda, Dixon High School 

Welding II (SMAW) 

  • 1st Place: Daniel Richardson, Dixon High School 
  • 2nd Place: Aaron Hewitt, ENCRSC 
  • 3rd Place: Jackson Schaub, Richlands High School