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Dixon Elementary 'Adopted' by Military Unit

DES Military Adoption Group Photo

On Friday, November 18, Dixon Elementary School celebrated and made official its partnership with U.S. Navy 2nd Medical Battalion through the Adopt-a-School program.   

Adopt-a-School promotes mutually beneficial relationships between the military and schools by allowing a military unit to “adopt” a school. The units support schools through mentorship, volunteerism, and more. In return, schools help their units by sending them letters of encouragement and care packages while they are deployed.   

DES Adoption Signing  2nd Medical Battalion Color Guard

As part of the ceremony, Dixon Elementary staff and students read the following pledge to the 2nd Medical Battalion: 

“We, the students and staff of Dixon Elementary School, do this day, solemnly accept the privilege of building a partnership with the 2nd Medical Battalion and do hereby pledge our respect and support to this organization.” 

The corpsmen responded to the pledge with a pledge of their own, promising their support for Dixon Elementary.

DES students read the adoption pledge  Students talk with a corpsman after the ceremony

“I think it’s super important to be a part of the community with 2nd Medical Battalion and the Bulldogs here,” Command Master Chief Jill Bankus said after the ceremony. We have family members that go to this school, and it’s nice to be in a partnership with different people around the community. This is our way to support right outside the back gate... It’s such an honor to be part of something bigger than ourselves.” 

We are proud to work with our military partners, and we greatly value the relationships our staff and students have made with our local military units.   

Way to go, Bulldogs!