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Dixon High Begins Partnership with Military Unit

Principal Curtis Ehmann shakes hands with a 3d Marine Raider Battalion command officer

On Friday, December 2, Dixon High took a moment to celebrate and solidify its partnership with a military unit from Camp Lejeune.  

Between basketball games on Friday night, DHS and 3d Marine Raider Support Battalion signed proclamations of adoption, making official their partnership through the Adopt-a-School program. 

Adopt-a-School promotes mutually beneficial relationships between the military and schools by allowing a military unit to “adopt” a school. The units support schools through mentorship, volunteerism, and more. In return, schools help their units by sending them letters of encouragement and care packages while they are deployed.  

DHS Military Adoption group photo  The DHS choir sings the National Anthem

“Over 20 percent of our student population are military dependents,” said DHS Principal Curtis Ehmann. “We’re right here next to Stone Bay and Camp Lejeune, and we’re excited about the opportunity to support this battalion and draw on those Marines as we have different events at Dixon High School. They can come and volunteer, whether it’s a sporting event or during testing time or any of those things.” 

Mr. Ehmann and a commanding officer sign the proclamations  3d Marine Raider Battalion's Color Guard

The relationships OCS has with the U.S. military are invaluable, and the mutual benefits cannot be understated. We are proud to support those who defend our freedom and work hand-in-hand with our military partners to provide opportunities for students.  

Way to go, Bulldogs!