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2024 Spelling Bees

Elementary school contestants

On Monday, March 11, and Wednesday, March 13, our middle school and elementary school students showed off their spelling skills in the annual OCS Spelling Bees.  

Leo Phan  Riker Lawson

In the elementary bee, 22 students, who were the best of the best in their school-level spelling bees, competed for the gold. Leo Phan, a student at Jacksonville Commons Elementary School, emerged on top, taking 1st place, and Riker Lawson, of Northwoods Elementary, placed 2nd. Leo correctly spelled the words “nitrate” and “apparel” for the win.  

Middle school contestants

At the middle school level, 17 students competed.  

The contest was steady through the first couple of rounds but thinned considerably by the 4th round where two contestants, John Wool, an 8th grader from Dixon Middle, and Derrick Bechtel, a 6th grader from New Bridge Middle, went head-to-head for round 5.  

John misspelled the word "phosphorescent" while Derrick spelled "Conch" and "Oracle" to take the win.  

Congratulations, Derrick and John, and to all of our Middle School Spelling Bee contestants! 

Derrick Bechtel  John Wool