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Dixon Middle School hosts Career Day

DMS Students Explore Careers

For Dixon Middle School students, on January 25, the focus was on the future.  
The school held a career day event, during which its 7th and 8th grade students explored a variety of career paths and industries they may want to pursue as they get older and plan their coursework for high school.  

Professionals from the community and all around the region came to DMS to visit and share what they do. Students heard from 21 presenters, including a veterinarian, a machinist, a meteorologist, reporters, firefighters and law enforcement, and even entrepreneurs and an elected official.  

Tiffany Huie, career development coordinator and special populations coordinator at Dixon High School and the Eastern North Carolina Regional Skills Center, said opportunities like career day events are an important part of helping students be forward-thinking about their career paths.  

“It’s really important for kids to begin their career exploration at an early date,” she said. “I think more and more, we’re trying to guide them towards the path that makes sense for them, that they love, that they like, that they’re going to enjoy, and also that they have the skills for.” 

The event was not only an opportunity for students, but for the presenters as well. 

For some, like Dr. Dante Martin, the event was a great opportunity to promote their field. Dr. Martin was excited to teach kids the importance of veterinary medicine. For others, the day was a chance to give back to students an experience that helped them or that they wish they would have had.  

“I myself didn’t know what I wanted to do as a high school senior, much less as a middle school student,” said engineer Andy Underseth. “Until a career day person came in, an instructor at Coastal Carolina in the Engineering Technology department, and showed me what cool things you could do in engineering technology.” 

Shane Hinton, a meteorologist with NewsChannel 12, said he never had a career day, but would have loved the opportunity.  

“I actually decided on meteorology whenever I was in middle school, when I was in 7th grade, thanks to one of my science teachers,” he said. “But one of the resources we didn’t really have in my small town and my small school was a fully-functioned career day. And really, that would have meant the world to me to be able to meet with someone in that career path, to really solidify if this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.” 

Mrs. Huie, who played a large role in organizing this event, said that students were able to choose one of their sessions and that their second session was random to expose them to something they may have never thought of. She also emphasized that it was important to provide students with information about options that may not include the traditional college experience.   

“This just expands their horizons and opens the world to them, seeing that there’s more than just those 4-year degree careers out there. There’s a whole wide world of different types of careers.”