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3rd Grade Multiplication Bee


Multiplication Bee

On Monday, April 29, 16 3rd graders from across the county came together at Blue Creek Elementary to compete in the OCS 3rd Grade Multiplication Bee.
Contestants participated in six total rounds, each round more difficult than the last. Students started with problems that were one digit multiplied by one digit or two digits, then they moved on to two digits times two digits, three digits times three digits, and so on. Round six, the final round, tested the remaining contestants’ ability to multiply four-digit numbers by four-digit numbers. 

The sixteen multiplication bee contestants

First place winner Kamarre Kemp, from Queens Creek Elementary, was the only contestant to give a correct answer for a four-digit by four-digit problem. Sara Bhonhariya, from Northwoods Elementary, and Julie MacDonald, from Summersill Elementary, tied for second place.  

Congratulations to the winners and a job well done to all who competed! 

Kamarre Kemp accepts his award


Sara Bhonhariya accepts her award    Julie MacDonald accepts her award