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2019 S.A.T. Scholars Recognized

Sophie Korenek, who won the Dr. Kay B. Gresham Memorial Scholarship, poses with SAT President Ann Maready

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, a night of celebration was held at Jacksonville High School for the 2019 S.A.T. scholars from across Onslow County.  

Seventy-nine seniors, from high schools across the county, were awarded a total of $72,500 in scholarships by S.A.T., or Sponsors for Academic Talent, for their dedication to academic excellence and community service throughout their high school careers. Students received either $500 or $1000 scholarships for completing 75-100 hours of community service.  

S.A.T. Executive Director Brent Anderson said that the scholars’ presence is felt across the county through the service they provide. This was especially true this past year with the incredible amount of need members of our community faced following the devastation of Hurricane Florence in September 2018. A total of 9,425 hours of service were given by this year’s scholars. Volunteer activities included helping at Onslow Memorial Hospital, Christmas Cheer, local libraries and more.  

In her address to the students, S.A.T. President Ann Maready said that the scholarship program was started in 1985, and since then has grown to be a household name in Onslow County. She said that Dr. Kay B. Gresham was the driving force behind the creation and success of the S.A.T. program and that she carried the program forward until her untimely death in 2013.  

Each year, a student who the S.A.T. Board of Directors feel best exemplifies the characteristics of Dr. Gresham is award the Dr. Kay b. Gresham Memorial Scholarship. This year, the honor was presented to Dixon High School’s Sophie Korenek. Sophie volunteered for more than 140 hours, serving at school concession stands, distributing food at her church’s food bank, and working at Onslow Memorial Hospital. In her nomination, Sophie’s S.A.T. coordinator said that while she has 140 hours of service on record, Sophie volunteered for countless additional hours helping her community after the hurricane and volunteering with non-S.A.T. approved organizations. Sophie will attend North Carolina State University in the fall to study Biochemistry, in hopes of pursuing a career in the medical field.  

Students left the S.A.T. Banquet with not only scholarships and a sense of accomplishment, but with words of advice from someone who, not long ago, stood in their shoes. Stephanie Wangerin, a 2013 S.A.T. scholar who will soon enter dental school at UNC-Chapel Hill, told the scholars about her journey since graduating from Jacksonville High School in 2013 and how service has remained an important part of her life. She encouraged the class of 2019 to continue serving their communities as they pursue their dreams.  

Congratulations to the 2019 S.A.T. scholars!  

Dixon High's SAT Scholars
Dixon High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars: From left: Thomas Ryan, Sophie Korenek, Hunter Troutman, Abigail Korenek, Ethan Kamm,
Kyra Pudol, Collin Hinnant, Mallory Jenkins, Andrew Farmer, Austin Thompson. Not pictured: Brennley Williams. 


Jacksonville High's SAT scholars
Jacksonville High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Isabella Schnitzler, Samuel Jones, Taylor Scoggin, Tiaseer Rambert, Cecelia Holson, Micah Gillette, Jordan Fischler, Hala Elalfy, Alyceanna Campos, Enrique Andrade, and Lizette Rodriguez. Not pictured: Amanda Cumbo, Ashlynn George, Dylan Greene, Kalyn Moore, Faith Rardin, Olivia Rosage, Shemariah Solomon, Lauren Stanley, and Ashley Williford.


Northside High's SAT Scholars
Northside High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Olivia Brown, Kaitlin Peck, and Stephanie Sotto.


Richlands High's SAT scholars
Richlands High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Madeline Schmuck, Jordan Roed, Riley Jarman, Cassidy Jacoby, Hannah Nelson, Melody Harmon, Tucker Ramsey, Hannah Moody, Melissa Harmon, Avery Grice, Cierra Knapp, and Ragen Willaford-Menefee. Not pictured: Jonathan Creech.


Southwest High's SAT Scholars
Southwest High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Maddy Wittenborn, Jerome Williams, Ashleigh Tolin, Brooke Mosher, Tamauri Johnson, Ta'kia Lucas, Hannah Baldwin, Jakari Coles, and Amy Thompson. Not pictured: Meredith Brennan.


Swansboro High's SAT scholars
Swansboro High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Izabela Willis, Calyssa Stevenson, Heidi Stewart, Schuyler Adams, Kiera Kelly, Connor Behan, Caroline Mohammed, Luke Brooks, Danayah Cantoral, Claire Leidy, and Haes Shake. Not pictured: Arika Horvath, Bradlee Tierson, Sabrina Williams, and Tyler Wonoski.


White Oak High's SAT Scholars
White Oak High School's 2019 S.A.T. Scholars. From left: Hannah Potter, Billie Tidwell, Ben McClary, Dailey Rae Leary, and Hannah Parham. Not pictured: Taylor Rutter and Abigail Volz.