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CCCC IT Scholarship Signing Day

OCS students who accepted IT scholarships to CCCC

On June 5, several members of the OCS Class of 2019 participated in a special signing ceremony at Coastal Carolina Community College.  
Nineteen soon-to-be graduates were invited to CCCC’s Industrial Technology Scholarship Signing Day to sign their letters of intent to accept an IT scholarship and attend Coastal in the fall.  

The program began with an opening statement from CCCC President David Heatherly, who said, “We are taking the time to recognize some of our high school graduates coming from various high schools here in Onslow County, and wishing them well in their next adventure. And fortunately, they have chosen to come to Coastal Carolina Community College.” 
“Part of what our Board of Trustees decided to do many years ago,” Mr. Heatherly said, “was to set aside funds from our institutional funds, actually bookstore funds, to provide opportunities to those students who are interested in what we used to call vocational or technical education.” 

Mr. Heatherly said that the first classes ever offered at CCCC, almost 55 years ago, were vocational courses.  

A student shakes Dr. Barry Collins' hand before signing her letter of intent

As students were called by name and program, they made their way to the podium to shake the hands of OCS Superintendent Barry Collins and CCCC President David Heatherly. Mr. Heatherly said that while Dr. Collins was there to send the students off after a successful experience with Onslow County Schools, he was there to welcome them to their next journey.  

Programs the students will start later this year include Automotive Systems Technology; Architectural Technology; Electrical Systems Technology; Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology; Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; and Welding Technology.  

Congratulations to the following OCS students and best of luck! 

OCS students who received an automotive technology scholarship

Automotive Systems Technology  

  • Tristian Bird, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • Thomas Daly, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • Phillip Linger, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • David Osorio, CCCC Class of 2020 

OCS students who accepted an architectural technology scholarship

Architectural Technology 

  • James Byrd, CCCC Class of 2021 
  • Xyrelle House, CCCC Class of 2021 
  • Jacob Katsanos, CCCC Class of 2021 
  • Chase Neagle, CCCC Class of 2021 
  • Zoe Smith, CCCC Class of 2021 

OCS students who accepted an electrical systems technology scholarship to CCCC

Electrical Systems Technology 

  • Thomas Byrne, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • Daniel Fisher, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • Kenny Starkey, CCCC Class of 2020 

OCS student who accepted an AC, Heat and Refrigeration scholarship to CCCC

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology 

  • Devin Gandette, CCCC Class of 2021 

OCS student who accepted diesel and heavy equipment technology scholarships to CCCC

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology

  • Tristian Henry, CCCC Class of 2021
  • Jordan Novak, CCCC Class of 2021
  • Cody Ogle, CCCC Class of 2021

OCS student who accepted a welding technology scholarship to CCCC

Welding Technology 

  • Tyler Moiser, CCCC Class of 2020 
  • Kenneth Roberts, Jr., CCCC Class of 2020 

OCS student who accepted a collision repair scholarship to CCCC

Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology 

  • Charles Isenhart, CCCC Class of 2020