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New Bridge BEARS share the love of reading

New Bridge BEARS share the love of reading!
Bear Buddies

A couple of times each semester New Bridge students walk to Thompson Early Childhood Center carrying books and buckets filled with homemade props and activities to share with the preschoolers. On these special visits The BEAR Buddies read a classic book or original work to the students and then lead them in a fun activity specifically designed to help extend their understanding of the story. The preschoolers love it and they are not the only ones!

While it is a fun time, the middle schoolers in the BEAR Buddies club put a lot of work into making the visits meaningful. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday during IE to prepare for their reading sessions. With the help of Mrs. Jennifer Sullivan, they learn different reading techniques such as using props to emphasize the actions of characters or using different voices to help the preschoolers distinguish one character from another. Sharing the joy and enthusiasm for reading has been a great way for the New Bridge middle schoolers to share what they love in a service to younger students.

New Bridge Bear Buddies Club members are:
Kitrell Earley,
Madison Hunt,
Shelby Peterson,
Olga Piguave,
Catalina Zacarias,
Claire Caulfield,
Nana Castle,
Jaevaughn Mitchell,
Robert Nehls,
Yuridia Rubio Ponce,
Brynn Copeland, Caitlin Priechenfried,
Lydia Arnold,
Anna Beames, Macey Helmstetter,
Porter Kellum, Carson Lee,
Aislinn Nash, Ishika Patel,
Caeley Becerra,
Grace Williams, Ava James

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   Bear Buddies reading

Bear Buddies reading

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